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Our event managers based in London have the experience and knowledge to take your event to the next level. Handpicked and highly trained in offering bespoke management solutions to clients no matter the industry. Our event managers strive to create memorable and successful campaign events across the London area. If you’re looking at hiring event staff for roadshows, mobile activities, shopping centers, Leafleting, promotions, sampling, and exhibitions plus many more then you’re in the right place.


Hire Event Managers In London

When organizing and planning busy brand-targeted events it’s important to have the right management behind the scenes in order to make the event a success. All of our event managers are well versed in working under pressure and have the resources to delegate and manage people in order to ensure the best outcome for clients.

Our managers will act as your eyes and ears, taking charge where appropriate and minimizing any potential issues that may arise. First and foremost our managers take the needs of guests very seriously, ensure their needs are taken care of and all staff presents a uniformed professional and friendly manner. 


Event Manager Responsibilities 

With your busy event, why not hire our Managers to oversee the team so you can focus more on your guests and clients. We only assign from our core team of experienced Event Managers. Our select event managers have a wealth of experience with large-scale events and smaller conferences and exhibitions. Our managers are trained in creating solutions, knowing the client’s brand and product information, alongside being masters of service. 

Our male and female models will manage your event to the highest standard. They are trained event managers to cater for; Business Events, Product Launches, Exhibitions, VIP Parties, Trade Shows, Weddings, Corporate Hospitality, etc.

Trusted By Luxury Brands.

Why not hire a model event manager for your next event in London? You can expect first-class managers who’ve worked at events for the likes of Versace, Cartier, Hugo Boss, and Harrods to name a few.

We must also mention that you’re guaranteed a bunch of attractive people (models) at your event. Either female, male, or a mix of staff to suit your style.

Whether you require part-time or full-time event management, contract, or season event managers, our team will provide you with the necessary diverse range of skills. 

If you are interested in booking event managers, don’t hesitate to contact us now