How To Keep Your Business Afloat During The Hospitality Staff Crisis

Hospitality Staff Crisis Hospitality has seen trouble ever since COVID-19 hit, with a staffing shortage running rampant across all sectors. The record shortage is costing the hospitality industry £21bn in lost revenue. ONS figures are showing the hospitality sector has 174,000 available jobs which is 83% higher than in March-May 2019.  It is important to understand [...]

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The Most Sought-after Luxury Brands in Lockdown

Lavish Lockdown: The Most Sought-after Luxury Brands in Lockdown The global luxury goods market is currently worth 283,979 million dollars, and the market is expected to grow by 7.4% each year (between 2020 and 2023).  The luxury goods sector encompasses a wide range of products, ranging from watches and footwear, to clothing and cars. [...]

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