//How To Keep Your Business Afloat During The Hospitality Staff Crisis

How To Keep Your Business Afloat During The Hospitality Staff Crisis

Hospitality Staff Crisis

Hospitality has seen trouble ever since COVID-19 hit, with a staffing shortage running rampant across all sectors. The record shortage is costing the hospitality industry £21bn in lost revenue. ONS figures are showing the hospitality sector has 174,000 available jobs which is 83% higher than in March-May 2019. 


It is important to understand how your business can attract and retain staff to mitigate the damage caused by the shortage. Luckily our experts at SnapshotStaffing have outlined some tips outlining how to advertise job vacancies effectively, maintain staff retention, and more.

Advertise Effectively

Getting your business’s brand out to the correct people is essential. Utilising social media is an excellent platform to get your name out there. With social media, you can create hundreds of like-minded individuals within your own industry. We recommend you start by creating a Twitter and Facebook account.

Facebook is a great way to meet new people and gain high-quality leads directly from your profile. This is a great way to find talent within the hospitality sector. Posting consistently on Twitter is a great way to build an online presence. This is where being in the hospitality industry has perks. Create videos, and pictures and post them on your page, editing them to seem appealing to your target audience. 

Show viewers what your business environment is like and what your business values are. Social media is particularly useful for businesses in the hospitality industry as you can easily post potential job roles. When advertising a job it is important to give in detail what the role will entail.

Hire With The Long Term In Mind

To counter the shortage in hospitality staff it is important to hire staff that will stick around long term. The most effective way to prevent staff shortages in the future is to hire staff with longevity in mind. This in turn will save you time and money as training staff up only for them to eventually leave can cause a major hindrance to your business.


A good way to do this is when choosing between candidates pick the one that is likely to integrate into your working environment and will get along with customers, even if this comes at a cost to experience.


Asking about how they work and handle themselves in certain situations is a great way to build a picture of what kind of person they are and how they will fit into your operation. Finally, if all else fails we advise going with your gut. After all, you are best equipped to identify which candidates will work best for you and your business.

Enhancing The Working Environment And Establishing A Good Reputation

With staff shortages surfacing you need to find ways for your business to get ahead of the competition. To do this try and develop a healthy working environment. This, in turn, will make people want to join your company as you have a good reputation. 

There are many ways to make your business an appealing place to work, such as increasing employee pay. This is a great way to maintain and attract talent for your business but also incentives productivity and rewards employees for doing the right thing. Implementing an incentive program will allow you to design ways to reward behaviours you want to encourage in your business. 

Promoting teamwork within your workplace will not only increase productivity but will allow your business to be more flexible. This is particularly effective with the current hospitality staff shortage by reducing tension within your business. 

Employee Suggestions

Getting ideas from the people who work for about their work can provide invaluable information. Asking your staff about how they think the business can improve and how they can do their job more effectively will generate a work culture that encourages innovation. 


Perhaps your employees can offer a fresh perspective on how to overcome the hospitality staff shortage. Not only will you get some brilliant ideas but your team will feel empowered by their employer listening to what they have to say.

Implentation of Training Schemes

Creating a structured and comprehensive training procedure is essential to building a workforce of effective, like-minded individuals. Providing staff with all the appropriate learning tools and resources so they can understand the work environment and how to do their job. 


Creating a positive learning atmosphere will improve employee retention as you are providing them with an outlet for thorough learning. Nowadays training can be conducted remotely, but if you’d prefer face-to-face that is also effective. However, we recommend using apprenticeships to train staff.


Apprenticeships are an excellent gateway for hospitality newcomers who are looking to break into the industry, providing them with networking opportunities, industry experience, and a good understanding of how the industry operates. 


For hospitality businesses, creating your own apprenticeship scheme can increase employee retention and motivation, giving you access to trained staff and pushing more sceptical newcomers into the industry. Likewise, providing work experience placements and internships for young people can also encourage new talent and drive recruitment.

Encourage Staff Referrals

With high staff retention, a good reputation and working environment, and excellent training courses your team will be dying to refer you to friends in the hospitality industry. All these factors are likely to boost staff referrals saving you time and money that would otherwise be spent advertising the job vacancy. Utilising your employee’s associates is the perfect way to find lots of talent in a short amount of time.


Although the current staffing landscape may seem bleak, we are confident you can thrive if you follow our tips to help your business overcome the hospitality staff shortage.


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